a brief glimpse into our evolving portfolio of shrempin initiatives.


for us, memes are culture.

memes are a form of expression and communication between beings.
they may be the most frequently shared and enjoyed content in the current world.

shremps are utilizing memes as a form of storytelling and to bring people together.

our meme activities will always be much more than you can see yourself.

if you love memes as much as us, come share some insight or make some your own !

we have an INFINITE MEME CONTEST that rewards prizes to people making memes every single week !

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fashion - merchandise

shremps are curating a wide array of shrempin products, we are focused on having a wide assortment at a fair price point to allow any one around the world to comfortably represent shremps.

we are also very excited of the many high-end fashion collaborations we are releasing over coming months in individual drops.

we will continuously enhance our product selection and quality.

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motion pictures

"shremps" the show coming soon

stay updated via social medias, follow our Youtube & IMDB below

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shremps shall curate much music over coming times,

we are collaborating with many musicians of different genres and experience to represent our shremps widely across many cultures and tastes.

web3 developments

shremps are aware of and active in the development of "the new internet"

we expect to find some fun developments to pursue, and will actively support and/or integrate others awesome initiatives as well

digital collectibles

our original art collection featuring 5000 shremp characters was released in the Solana ecosystem.

these digital collectibles allow us to track and provide rewards to our biggest supporters over the course of shremps expansion.

as well, these digital tokens represent a voting share in our community DAO, where shremps may collectively initiate community derived plans of action. many of our other efforts in turn fund our DAO.

1 shremp = 1 shremp

view our collection on the leading Solana NFT marketplaces here:




shrempin times

a fun weekly newspaper release

the first edition of shrempin times is expected to release early 2023, stay tuned to be the first to know as they will be limited and have future fun attached.


shremps are so versatile

being so diverse, yet inclusive

shremps aim to bring millions of moments of joy and fun to the people of earth.

we see shremps being a major franchise in the entertainment industry, rooted in fun, fairness, decentralization, and community.

coming soon?

just imagine the shrempibilities !


Our main site is now under development,

Follow along there for further insight and information as we expand.